Lisa Rizzo and Jaimee Fedele from Old Tappan, New Jersey will be featured on 'Say Yes to the Dress' on Saturday.

Rizzo is determined to wear a pantsuit while Fedele wants a traditional wedding gown.  The couple will travel to Mexico in May to tie the knot.  They aren't the show's first lesbian couple to shop for wedding attire, the Atlanta version of the show actually just featured the first transgender bride recently.

According to,

While Fedele is seeking a traditional wedding gown, Rizzo, a former softball star and the founder of Westwood's Challenge U. Softball, which offers private lessons, indoor team clinics and outdoor camps, is determined to wear a pantsuit, much to the dismay of her sales consultant Shay. But, as Shay says, "I am Shay, and Shay makes magic."

Make magic Shay!!

The episode premieres Saturday night at 8pm on TLC.


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