Save the turtles!

The legendary Deauville Inn just over the bridge in Strathmere took to their Facebook page at the beginning of the month to offer up a little incentive for anyone that's willing to take the time to help out one of the most beloved animals at the Jersey Shore - the turtles!

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You see terrapin crossing signs everywhere along the Jersey Shore, right? Well, the folks over at the Deauville Inn decided they will help sweeten the deal for people who actually did their part in keeping the turtles safe this July. After all, it's so important to make sure all the turtles are making it across the road safely during the summer months.


Summertime is primetime for turtles to lay their eggs. It's imperative that if you see a turtle on the road, you help it get to the other side safely and swiftly. To incentivize beachgoers to assist with this task, Deauville Inn is offering a free dessert to anyone and everyone that helps a turtle this month.

All you have to do is snap a picture of yourself helping a turtle to the other side of the road (or to wherever it was headed), message the photo to Deauville Inn's Facebook page, and they'll send you a code that can be redeemed at the restaurant for a free dessert!

Essentially, you have the opportunity to earn something for helping out Strathmere's ecosystem. Such a great idea!

Source: Facebook

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