Don't interpret the title as sarcasm or a joke because I couldn't be more serious.

You've no doubt by now read all about the beach erosion up and down the South Jersey coastline that has been attributed to all the storms traveling up the coast over the last few weeks. The multiple hurricanes that traveled up the Atlantic coast this season have caused so much erosion that the North Wildwood beaches have basically disappeared. While it's true that the Wildwoods aren't the only beaches that have been affected by these storms, it's safe to say they've probably been hit the worst.

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That judgement comes after watching a video shared by Wildwood Video Archive to Youtube featuring all the damage Hurricane Teddy has caused to the North Wildwood beach. Honestly, I'm not sure I've witnessed footage like this since Sandy. I could absolutely be exaggerating, but I don't recall any beach erosion from previous seasons that were THIS bad since.

The video shows just how far the sea travels inland. There's basically no beach left. I wouldn't have believed it had I not watched the video for myself. Take a look:

Like I said, this is not a joke. The only thing to be done is for the powers that be to replenish the beaches. I wrote yesterday that this will cost taxpayers mucho bucks, but based off of the video, it really doesn't leave them much of a choice at all. At this rate, the sea will rise so much that it could cause even more problems later down the road.

Source: Youtube



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