Some South Jersey residents have expressed concern over a video that's surfaced on Facebook showing pieces of the beach falling into the waters of one portion of Sea Isle City.

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The video shows sand falling into the ocean piece by piece as people are jumping into the water that touches the Townsends Inlet.

Debbie Scomolla Costello via Facebook
To ease everybody's fear, it looks to be normal beach erosion which is pretty common along the shorelines, especially Sea Isle's beaches. Beach erosion is the reason why replenishment costs are built into our taxes. The argument about beach replenishment, of course, is that it destroys natural beach habitats as a result of transported sand being dumped onto the natural.

Not that we're saying it's silly to worry because this is the first video like this that's surfaced, but if it really is just beach erosion, then it's pretty normal for that area. However, we're not geologists or geographers that study the physical science of Earth's surfaces, so don't take our word as Gospel.

Source: Facebook

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