Just in time for Labor Day weekend, Seaside Park has announced it is now offering free Wi-Fi service along its entire 1.6-mile boardwalk, becoming the first beach in New Jersey to do so.

Seaside Park
Seaside Park (Townsquare Media NJ)

"Now, the best-maintained and the best-protected beach on the Jersey Shore is technically advanced and friendly," said Seaside Park Mayor Robert W. Matthies in announcing the activation of "Connected Seaside Park" on Wednesday.

Matthies said a study prompted the borough's decision to offer the free service.

"The travel industry giant Expedia, through their scientific surveying, concluded that the No. 1 reason for both businesses and leisure travelers to choose the locations that they do was free Wi-Fi, and as a governing body, we're always interested in attracting visitors to our borough and providing value services to our residents," Matthies said. "The project 'Connected Seaside Park' was deemed very worthwhile."

The savings will depend upon usage, according to Matthies. He said if there is heavy usage by beachgoers, then that would probably amount to higher savings.

"If you're on the beach and you want to connect to social media, or download music, have the kids entertained or involved in a learning experience, do your shopping, participate in an online course or webcast, or better yet, log into your office or job site and complete workplace responsibilities while sunning on the beach, then Seaside Park is the place you want to be," Matthies said.

The free Wi-Fi service will eventually extend to the Seaside Park Marina, the 14th Avenue Pier and the Fifth Avenue Pier, according to Matthies.

"The beach is great, and having Wi-Fi is just another advantage to choosing Seaside Park as your destination," he said.