My head seems about ready to burst from thoughts that have been bouncing around in my brain, so, I thought I'd let those thoughts out here.

*Taylor Swift has just signed a new endorsement deal with Diet Coke. How long before she dumps them and takes up with Dr. Pepper?

*No, wind, I really wanted to get up at 2:30am. Thanks!

*I'm the most inpatient driver in the world. I beep my horn, yell, and shake my fists everytime I'm in the car. What really gets me is when other people do it. "Have some patience, people!"

*Speaking of impatient drivers, try driving down Tilton Road in Northfield these days with all the road and sewer work taking place. "Have some patience, people!"

*Winter sucks.

*Since all the commercials are out, do we really have to watch the Super Bowl this year?

*Actor Jim Nabors has come out, announcing his marriage to another man. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

*A survey out of Madrid, Spain says the more housework a man does, the less sex he has. Women everywhere are saying, no, that's the opposite of reality.

*Is 867-5309 Jenny's cell number, now?

*Talking with Miranda Lambert backstage the other night....she really likes animals! Her and husband, Blake Shelton, have a virtual zoo at their home. She's started a charity to help abandoned and sheltered dogs and cats.

*We're looking at announcing our annual kissing contest in the next few days. In the past our kissing contests have included actual complaints about some of our contestants. Some of those include: "They're married, but not to each other", "That couple is brother and sister", and "That woman is a whore." We have no way of verifying any of these accusations, nor would we ever care to...... Can't wait to see what happens this year.


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