"This is cool, really cool."

Those were the words of Brandon Donlon of Sicklerville, immediately after hearing Survivor host Jeff Probst say, "Brandon, the tribe has spoken."

Donlon was a competitor on the CBS TV show Survivor until he was voted off Wednesday night. It's the 45th season of TV's longest-running reality show.

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Brandon has been a true fan of the show, watching it since hearing his sixth-grade teacher in 2008 talking about it in class.

CBS Survivor
CBS Survivor

His enthusiasm for being on the show shined through, but it was his efforts in various challenges over the first five days that cost him his Survivor life. Frankly, he didn't do well.

Donlon admitted on the show that he was out of his comfort zone on the island, saying. "I don't like the outside. I hate the beach!"

He did say, though, that being among the other competitors was awesome. "These are the most fun five days I ever had!"

During his exit speech, Donlon once again expressed his enthusiasm for being on the show. "I might have lost Survivor but I didn't give up. I made it all the way here and I would have liked to stay longer. I would have liked to have won something..... I got to authentically live my childhood dream and I don't know a lot of people that can say that."

Brandon was actually lucky to even get to the 2nd episode. He was close to going home at the end of the first show.

You can watch the entire Survivor episode here.

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