The United States Army Parachute Team, the Golden Knights, took to the skies at the Atlantic City Air Show twice. I was fortunate enough to tag along with the Golden Knights during one of their jumps. While I had to remain inside the plane and buckled into the seat right next to the open door, the entire experience was incredible. The plane hit an altitude of 12,900 feet and I won't lie the air was a little cold up there. The views however, made the cold an afterthought.

Before we took off the jumpers rehearsed the formation with a dirt dive, which is a run through on the ground. I got strapped into my seat and we were off. Throughout the ride I leaned out of the door to take in some of the spectacular views. The jumpers were awesome, talking about what was going on and what would happen next.

Once the plane got up to 12,900 feet and in the right position, the first jumper who was the narrator hopped out first. It was pretty crazy to watch someone jump out of a plane right in front of you. Once he landed and was ready to go, the rest of the jumpers filed out to begin their free fall and formation.

Once the jumpers landed and lined up to be named, the plane then sped past over the water as the jumpers saluted.

Watch the jump and get a jumper's POV: (Special thanks to SFC Brandan Parra for filming with a helmet cam)

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