A New Jersey based movie called "Action Point" is hitting theaters tonight, starring Johnny Knoxville who plays a character named D.C. In the movie, he owns a cheap, out-of-control amusement park where the rides are unsafe.

However, this movie is far from fictional in the sense that Knoxville says it's based on a real-life New Jersey amusement park called "Action Park." Some may remember Action Park in Vernon, NJ as one of the most dangerous theme parks in the world before it closed after opening in 1979.

Knoxville says they had to film the movie in South Africa -- a location dangerous enough for the movie's stunts in order to depict what actually happened here in New Jersey.

In total, the movie cost $19 million to produce... check it out in full across theaters tonight!

FYI--here's what the real Action Park looked like in the 80's

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