It's no secret that New Jersey is a rough place to be right now for homebuyers. For one, the housing market is completely outrageous at the moment.

Homes are going for thousands upon thousands over their asking prices. For people on a fixed income, it's not exactly the best time to be in the market for a new house. Heck, that's not even advice meant exclusively for first-time homebuyers either. An article on explained that sometimes people forget that sellers are also buyers. The way the market is pricing out right now, it's even hard for people with established equity to find homes in their price ranges.

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Luckily, for people on the hunt for an active adult community or a 55+ community, South Jersey has some lovely options even in this current real estate climate for buyers who aren't exactly ready or willing to take a major hit to their pocketbooks. It'd be smart if you're on the hunt for your forever home to take a serious look into the South Jersey region. It's close to New York City and Philadelphia all while having a number of beautiful beaches right in its backyard.

If you're in the market for a home in a 55+ community, South Jersey has some great options for you, some of which are even under $200,000. Check them out:

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