It's National Hot Dog day today, and who doesn't love themselves a great hot dog once in a while?

Right, no one! So, the question had to be asked: what do you put on your hot dog? Since the list of condiments are pretty obvious to anyone not living under a rock and has went to either a barbecue or baseball at least once in their lives, it made sense to narrow the question a bit.

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On the morning show this morning, we asked you to sound off on which condiment you dislike the most for your hot dogs. Have to say, the vast majority surprised me. Never in a million years would I have expected this answer.


According to the comments so far, South Jersey's most gag-worthy hot dog condiment is:


I'm absolutely shocked to see that the majority of people can't stand ketchup on their hot dogs. If I had to bet, I would've guessed sauerkraut would've been the most despised. Who doesn't love ketchup?! It almost feels un-American to even admit that!

Enjoy your ketchup-less hot dogs today.


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