Three years ago, a South Jersey couple was murdered allegedly over a disagreement about finances with a third party.

The news surrounding the case was awful. Aleshia Hill and John Valerio of Camden County were murdered in their own home. A man identified as Gary Johnson was charged and eventually took a plea deal. reports that he must serve 85% of the 15 year sentence before he is eligible for parole.

This crime is apparently not Johnson's first offense. He's been charged with multiple crimes, two of which having to do with drugs and sexual offences. This information isn't surprising since has just revealed on the three year anniversary of the murders that this man has a tattoo that reads "All About Crime" apparently tattooed on his arm.

How disgusting is that?? It basically shows an intent to commit future infractions (or worse...). It's devastating to think that this man most likely has absolutely no regard or remorse for the pain he's caused multiple families. Not just the families of this case, but those of the victims from the other crimes as well. All we as a society can hope is that once this man is released, there will be no repeated offences.


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