Everywhere you shop this holiday season, you're sure to encounter long lines at the cashier. You complain and ask to speak to the manager about what can be done to speed up the process.

So, how do you actually avoid the long holiday checkout lines? Spoiler alert: You can't.

One South Jersey retail manager, Amanda Sias, took to her Facebook to post this PSA to all holiday shoppers about being realistic during high-volume shopping times. See below.

Bottom line: there's no getting around long lines at your holiday shopping destinations. It's Christmastime. There's always going to be a line. Of course it can be frustrating to maintain patience during this time of year since so many of us are incredibly busy through December 25th, but what better time to practice the virtue? The season is about compassion and understanding, so why do we let ourselves lose our minds about issues we should all be accustomed to by now regarding this time of year?

Maybe one day we'll learn, right?

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