Fairfield Township School District's superintendent, Michael Knox, is now facing aggravated assault charges after allegedly attacking convenience store employee with a baseball bat.

NJ.com reports that the Cumberland County superintendent apparently had an agreement with the store to spy on his wife. The attack happened after Knox expressed that he wasn't satisfied with how the store was holding up their end of the agreement.

Not only is this story extremely bizarre, but it's alarming not only because he works with kids, but he's one of the top earners in the district. When you're working with children and pulling in a six-figure income, this situation should never occur no matter what.

Knox fled the scene, apparently dropping his school ID card. NJ.com reports he was found in Sussex County some time later.

Knox's list of charges include aggravated assault, simple assault, and possessing a weapon, among others.

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Source: NJ.com

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