Rumors circulated on social media over the weekend that a sexual assault took place in the Valleybrook section of Blackwood, Gloucester Township.

Chatter reportedly spread online Thursday, September 2nd but police never received a report, according to

In a statement, Gloucester Township Police Department said, "Our records indicate that no one reported a sexual assault to the Gloucester Township Police Department during this time period. We investigated the report on the social media post, and found that no sexual assault was reported."

The statement went on to say, "We are not aware of any unusual safety concerns to residents of the Valleybrook Development".

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Perhaps this is just a case of facts becoming inflamed and rumors taking on a life of their own because on Wednesday, September 1st, the police department did receive complaints of a suspicious/emotionally disturbed person wandering the development, reports.

However, just because a sexual assault wasn't reported, doesn't mean it didn't occur. If you know anything about the rumors on social media involving an attack in Valleybrook, please contact Gloucester Twp. Police Department at 856-228-4500.

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