Our South Jersey 'bear watch' continues! Today, it was spotted going for a swim in Williamstown after running through a Washington Township neighborhood.

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This is definitely SO the year 2020.

So, yesterday we wrote about the black bear strolling around the Blackwood area of Gloucester Township, near the outlets, Camden County College, and Blackwood Estates. He's quite the walker because today he was on Sherwood Drive in Washington Twp., and then made his way to a man-made lake at an apartment complex in Williamstown.

Check out videos of both sightings posted by Washington Twp. Police Department to Facebook below!

I feel like, at this point, maybe I COULD see him running down my Galloway street. This bear seems to cover A LOT of ground on a daily basis. But, authorities have called the bear a 'friend' while warning residents not to approach it, and to secure things like trash cans and bird feeders.

I hope he makes his way back to somewhere he feels safe and well-fed, because clearly he's out of his element and hungry. Do I still want to adopt him and feed him honey? Yes. Can't help it.

And, so...'2020 South Jersey Bear Watch' continues!

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