In order for you to be a true New Jerseyan, there are plenty of unwritten rules you have to be aware of.

If you've recently moved to the Garden State, anybody that's lived here long enough will tell you that's true. Now, we won't admit to many of the silly NJ stereotypes running rampant out there about New Jersey. No, we don't say "Joisey." No, we don't all know the entire cast of MTV's Jersey Shore. And no, not everybody's favorite breakfast meat is pork roll (shocking, right?). We all will admit to this, however, if you're not in a hurry, stay out of our way.

Honestly, if you're someone that follows the speed limit to the "t," it's probably best that you stick to the backroads. Here in the Garden State, though, that rule can be hard to follow depending on where you're headed.

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Here's the deal. Every single NJ resident that's not in law enforcement will tell you that the speed limit listed on the Garden State's major roadways are treated more like guidelines than actual rules. What does that mean for you? Well, if you're doing 65 mph on a roadway like the Atlantic City Expressway or Garden State Parkway while everybody else is cruising at about 80, do us all a favor and park your butt in the right lane, please.

The unwritten rule here on New Jersey's highways is to keep up with the flow of traffic. So often, you'll find people in the passing lane slowing the rest of us down. If you're not keeping up with everybody else, the least you can do is stay in the lane where you belong. That's the right one, by the way. Better yet, it's probably best for you to stay off the major highways altogether.

Ask ANY longtime NJ resident about that unwritten rule. They'll confirm that it's true.

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