It's no secret to NJ residents that it's expensive to settle here and raise a family. Those of us that live here, of course, love it here, however that doesn't mean we're ignorant to the state's high cost of living.

It only seems to increase...

If you're someone who believes the minimum wage of $7.25 per hour is enough to sustain a family, think again. A study shows that the minimum wage isn't even able to sustain someone just providing for themselves. reports that the United Way ALICE report examines everything from health care costs to child care in South Jersey. Combine with the MIT wage calculator, this reveals how much you have to make in South Jersey in order to make ends meet.



  • 1

    Atlantic County

    If you live in Atlantic County, you need to make at least $13.02 per hour just to be able to provide for yourself. This number varies based on student loan debt, etc.

    If your household includes you and one child, you better be bringing home at least $27.58 per hour.

    Finally, if it's you, your spouse, and two children, you both need to be bringing home $17.70 p/h.

  • 2

    Burlington County

    Burlington County residents going at life solo at the moment need at least $12.58 per hour just to be safe.

    You plus a child brings that up to $26.98 per hour.

    Two adults and two children? $17.38 p/h.

  • 3

    Camden County


    Camden and Burlington Counties have the same rates.

  • 4

    Cape May County

    One adult: $11.75

    One adult with a child must bring home $26.42 p/h at least!

    You, your spouse, and two children? $17.12 p/h.

  • 5

    Cumberland County

    Here's the skinny on Cumberland County...


    One adult: $12.34

    One and One: $26.40

    Two adults and two children: $17.11

  • 6

    Gloucester County

    So, it looks like Gloucester has the same rates as both Camden and Burlington counties.

  • 7

    Ocean County

    1 adult: $13.27

    One adult, 1 child: $28.73

    Two adults, 2 children: $18.27

  • 8

    Salem County

    Salem County's numbers are equal to Gloucester, Camden, and Burlington Counties.

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