I don't know about you, but the only shipwreck I've ever gotten the chance to see is the one right off of the coast of Cape May's Sunset Beach.

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Of course, I'm referencing the SS Atlantus wreck, the concrete ship that was docked in Cape May and broke free during a storm. If you're wondering why she was left there right off shore, well, truth be told, how hard would if be for YOU to free a concrete ship? Exactly. She's just too heavy! So, there she sits, just wasting away as the waves crash against her and shores of Sunset Beach.

Although not much of her is left above water, it's still a pretty cool sight to see. She isn't the only wreck Cape May County residents had the opportunity to investigate. Reportedly, a random boat washed up onto the shores of Stone Harbor back in 2021. There's not much that's currently known about the sunken boat or who she belongs to, but one woman, Renee Hull, was able to capture a few shots of the wreck which did revealed a few things.

According to Wildwood Video Archive, the boat's registration number was visible on the capsized vessel as well as information revealing that when the thing was afloat, she was registered to the state of Connecticut. A sticker on the side also said 'April 2015', which would mean that the boat hadn't been registered for over eight years now. Chances are, this thing's been down for the count ever since that year. Who knows if the thing was abandoned voluntarily or if there's a bigger story there.

To check out the pictures of the suspicious sunken boat, click HERE.

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