UPDATE** Voting will take place June 18th to determine whether or not the open container laws will become permanent.


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Since the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in all the bars being closed for months now, the powers-that-be in Atlantic City have made it temporarily legal to have open containers of alcohol on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

While enjoying the first weekend of the new container laws with my friend, it hit me that Atlantic City could take this idea and run with it. Personally, I think open containers should become a permanent thing on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Think about how many tourist destinations already allow it: Vegas, The French Quarter in New Orleans, even Epcot in Walt Disney World.

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If Atlantic City allowed open containers legally on the boardwalk, it could result in a huge economy boost. How? Think about it. If parents didn't have leave their kids in order to enjoy a beverage while out on Steel Pier or mini golfing, don't you think all those businesses would experience an increase in foot traffic? Of course they would.

Of course, there will be the age-old argument of wanting to continue to push AC towards becoming more "family-friendly". Totally understandable. I, for one, would NEVER condone underage drinking. Some may raise the question of how would the city make sure that those drinking on the boardwalk were of legal age.

I have a plan for that.

What if the city sold designated cups in which all alcohol must be poured into if it is to be consumed freely on the boardwalk? Think about it. You can card anyone wanting to purchase that cup, therefore everyone with walking around with that cup on the boardwalk would have been ID'd to ensure they are of the legal drinking age.

If Epcot allows it in Disney World, why can't the boardwalk in Atlantic City? Just my thoughts. Clearly, my friend's on board, too. WATCH:



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