New Jersey is kind of a wasteland when it comes to BBQ.  But thankfully, a short trip to Kearny and your BBQ dreams will come true!

Thrillist has come out with the best BBQ spot in every state.  Here's what they are saying about Red White & Que Smokehouse in Kearny:

The deal: Jersey 'cue fans we polled were particularly excited about this relative newcomer to the local smoke scene, a takeout-focused joint tucked away in a small building on a quiet residential street where a former Marine- (get it) turned-brisket obsessive is turning out some serious smoked meat and serving it up wrapped in butcher paper just for you. And for America.

The move: The 14-hour-smoked brisket's a must, go for it sandwich-style, layered in thick slices (or chopped if that's more your style) on fluffy bread, and you won't be disappointed. Of course, you might be disappointed that the bread left you without enough room to sample the Duroc pork ribs. And the jalapeño cornbread.

You had me at jalapeno cornbread.

Source: Thrillist

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