If you grew up in South Jersey you've heard the urban legends that shape this area. One of the most notorious stories is that of the Blue Hole.

Now that the warmer weather is here, people spend more time outdoors. The Pine Barrens are unique and beautiful making them perfect for spending the day among nature. There are many urban legends surrounding the Pine Barrens, of course the most famous being the Jersey Devil. However, a close second would be the Blue Hole.

Lying on the border of Gloucester and Camden counties in Winslow is a body of water that has been the center of many legends. The Blue Hole is said to be bottomless, a gateway to Hell, and a frequent stop of the Jersey Devil.

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While there are many "blue holes" in the Pine Barrens from mining, one is the most notorious. Legends on how the Blue Hole was formed vary, some say from a meteor others say it was formed by ice underneath the earth's surface during the ice age. Unlike most bodies of water in the Pine Barrens, which look tea colored, the Blue Hole is crystal clear and blue. Of course this is where the name comes from.

The water is quite cool, around 50-60 degrees. Even though the legends say the Blue Hole is bottomless, at its deepest point it's around 9 feet deep. Legends also talk about whirlpools that pull swimmers down into the depths of this body of water. Others recall feeling like someone or something pulling them down. Whether it was the Jersey Devil himself has not been confirmed.


While swimming at the Blue Hole is illegal, it was once a hot spot for families to spend summer days. In the 1930's families would swim at the legendary Blue Hole, but in the 1940's access became limited. What was once a place for families to gather and cool off on a hot day became a place surrounded by mystery.

Source: Weird N.J.

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