There is growing evidence that what we eat can affect our cognitive ability and now researchers from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago have developed an eating plan that they say can actually reduce our risk of getting Alzheimer's Disease by 35%!  It is called the MIND diet, which is a combination of the Mediterranean Diet and Dash Diet for high blood pressure.  In fact, MIND stands the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay (MIND) diet. 

Five million people in the United States currently suffer from Alzheimer’s, and that number is expected to climb to 16 million by 2050 — which is even more reason to adopt these healthy eating practices now.

Although more studies are needed to confirm the brain-boosting benefits of the MIND diet, research has already proven the benefits of this healthier way of eating. Here's a summary of the MIND Diet:

You eat items from these 10 food groups:

  • Green leafy vegetables (like spinach and salad greens): At least six servings a week
  • Other vegetables: At least one a day
  • Nuts: Five servings a week
  • Berries: Two or more servings a week
  • Beans: At least three servings a week
  • Whole grains: Three or more servings a day
  • Fish: Once a week
  • Poultry (like chicken or turkey): Two times a week
  • Olive oil: Use it as your main cooking oil.
  • Wine: One glass a day

You avoid:

  • Red meat: Less than four servings a week
  • Butter and margarine: Less than a tablespoon daily
  • Cheese: Less than one serving a week
  • Pastries and sweets: Less than five servings a week
  • Fried or fast food: Less than one serving a week

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