There's no secret here that New Jersey has some of the highest property taxes in the country, but did you know that three South Jersey towns make it into the top 30 highest property taxes IN THE STATE?!

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If you're a South Jersey resident, you probably think that North Jersey is the most expensive part of the state. As it turns out, most towns, boroughs, and cities on the list are actually in South and southwest Jersey. Think Camden, Gloucester, Cumberland, and Salem Counties. There are, however, two Atlantic County towns that make the list.

Check out three of the most expensive property taxes in South Jersey:


Apparently, the equalized tax rate in Bridgeton over the last few years was around 4.190. Cumberland County's average was 2.91.

Brace yourself for the average taxes on household bills: 4.653.


Egg Harbor City

This Atlantic County municipality comes in at #13 out of 30 on the list. Brace yourself, this number might come as a bit of a shock...

The equalized tax rate in Egg Harbor City comes in at around 4.832.


With an average property tax bill of $4,390 and an equalized tax rate of 4.896, lists Pleasantville in the top 10 towns with the highest property tax. It's given the 8th most expensive on the list over the last few years.

The average homeowner's tax rate? 4.673.

Oooof, that's rough.

When it comes down to it, if there isn't much business to speak of within a town's boundaries, then it shouldn't be too surprising that taxes are pretty high. No businesses to tax means the responsibility will fall onto residents. Is that a sad fact? Sure. That doesn't mean it's not what happens in reality, though.

Wasn't what you thought would make this list? See if your town is listed HERE.


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