The college year has begun for most colleges, which means moving into a new dorm room. Dorms, for the most part all look the same. They are small, the walls are a cream color, they have tile floors, and the furniture is pretty much all the same. Most dorms, even after the students are all moved in, look the same. Posters are taped up on the wall, some form of bedding is neatly on the bed (for the first few days), textbooks are stacked sky high, and plastic storage units compensate for the lack of closets.

However, some students let their imagination run wild creating a space that sets itself apart from the rest. They are looked at in envy by other students, who have to live in their boring little spaces. These 6 dorm rooms are those rooms that will make you quite envious.


Let's start off with a bang here. This dorm room is unbelievable. It looks so cozy and chic. The caption says it was done by hunting bargains and sticking to a budget. I just want to know what that budget was.


The warm lighting makes this dorm room look so inviting. The wooden platform that the bed sits on makes the room look rustic and upscale.


Everything about this one screams class. The furry area rug and matching pillows are super chic. The color palette also gives it a more grownup look.


She made the best out of her small space. Adding a tufted headboard makes the room look more homey and less like a dorm room.


The sheer canopy with the lights create that "safe space" the caption mentions. The pastels makes the room look like a tranquil space.


Some students will add removable wallpaper to an accent wall in their dorm to switch things up. The faux stone wall gives this room an extra edge to it.

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