For years I've lived with a heavily wooded area in my backyard.

Rarely - usually in the middle of the night, I would catch a glimpse of a deer or two. The sightings were few and far between.

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About a month ago, a neighbor told me about a trail camera he'd put in his backyard and all the wildlife he was seeing.

Sounded like a good idea to me!

I bought a relatively inexpensive camera and set in up in my backyard.

I also bought some deer feed (corn) and set it out back. (If you object to me feeding deer in my backyard, I respectively understand your objection.)  There is certainly no hunting allowed anyway near my neighborhood.

So, away my new hobby began. Nothing for the first several days, then, bingo!

I hope you enjoy my photos. I may post more in the future - especially if I can train the deer to do some magic tricks and sing and dance!

By the way, the camera takes an SD card that I can pop out whenever I want and plug in into a laptop to check the photos. Fairly simple.

Deer in Egg Harbor Township

Deer Captured on Trail Cam

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