If you ask outsiders what they first notice about people who live in Jersey, you're bound to get two answers. 1. We're always in a rush. 2. We always seem angry.

Last night I went to a supermarket in Galloway, and as I waited in line for express lane non-compliers to finish checking out, I came up with a list of things that annoyed me about shopping in a Jersey supermarket. I'll bet you can think of a few too!


1. It starts in the parking lot. Holy cow! It's like people think they're riding the bumper cars by the boardwalk.  People don't look before pulling out, then they put up a finger to show me they're #1, at least I think that's what the finger meant.

2.  Staying in the parking lot for this one, people who are so busy looking at their phones, that they have no idea they're walking right into my car...while it's moving.  Even worse is when they're walking in the middle of the lot, looking at their phone, causing cars to back up in line and wait. Come to think of it, they like to show me they're #1 too!

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3.  People who use the express lane, even though they clearly have more than 10 items.  I admit I DO count the items of the person in front of me.  If someone has 12 or 13 items, I can understand.  But when they have a full cart, my head wants to explode.

4.  The mom or dad who thinks it's cute to let their kids scan the items in the self-checkout lane while the rest of us wait.  I know it seems cute to you, but when your kids grow up and you get stuck behind someone else's kids?  Let's see how cute you think it is.  We're in Jersey, we're trying to rush out.

5.  The person who waits until all their items are scanned before they break out their wallet and start fishing for their debit card.  Sometimes it seems like the person wasn't expecting to have to pay.  And don't get me started about the person who starts writing a check...

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6.  I've also noticed that a background in math can be useful when shopping.  For instance, have you seen the paper towel shelf?  You no longer buy a pack of two rolls.  Now, you can buy 2 rolls that are equal to 4.  Or 8 rolls that are equal to 12, or 12 that are equal to 18.  It makes me crazy.  Is there no way to simplify this?

7.  Have you visited customer service?  There's usually one person behind the counter, and it never fails, every single time, I get the person in front of me cashing out winning lottery tickets and buying tickets.  Lots of tickets, and no Quick-Picks either.

Finally, can we talk about the bags?  I can't be the only one who always forgets to bring mine.  I remember working at a Super Fresh supermarket as a kid, and they announced that we were going to change the environment by eliminating paper bags and switching to lightweight plastic bags that would dissolve quicker and take up less space in the landfill.  Mark my word, 10 years from now, there's going to be a discussion about the issue of all these reusable bags that are hurting the environment.

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