A man in Denver, Colorado attempted to rob an E-Cig store back in 2019.  No words for this.

No. Words. Just watch:

Unilad via Facebook

SO, let's recap, shall we? Not only was this the absolute worst (and most hilarious) robbery attempt of all time, but did anyone else notice it looked like the woman behind the counter was about to give the gun back to him?

Poor thing. She was probably terrified. At least she got to witness the hilarity of his pants falling down as he ran like hell out the door in an attempt to make a quick getaway. Also, did you see him jump kick out the door? Bro, it's not the Olympic long hurdle. Jump kicking isn't going to make your exit in any way better than your pitiful crime attempt.

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It was just one bad decision after the next for this guy. Hands down the worst robber of all time. If there were Razzies given out for robberies, he would definitely be one of the first people to receive one. Sorry, my guy. This just AIN'T it.

Not that anyone's complaining whatsoever about his fail. Good thing the woman behind the counter was okay.

What do you think would've happened if this took place in New Jersey? It's funny to think about, to be honest. First of all, he would've been roasted beyond belief. Still, it's nice to know that not every bad guy gets away with it in today's world.

Source: Unilad via Facebook

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