Mid-day girl Chelsea Corrine and I has the true privilege of visiting the lovely city of music in Memphis, Tennessee!

Our priority of the trip was to visit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for the Country Cares Radio Seminar to learn more, and share some love with country lovers (like Brad Paisley who you'll see in the video) around the world.

However, when in Memphis there are some things that you MUST DO before you leave the  world renown Music City;  Check out the list and video of the TOP 6 and Chelsea and I doing it all below!


  • 1

    Watch The Duck Walk at The Peabody

    The Peabody Hotel is basically the the Buckingham Palace of Memphis. It's absolutely GORGEOUS and artists from all over the world will most likely stay here when they visit the music city. The founder (Mr. Peabody) had a strange obsession with mallard ducks? But they don't fall short of the infatuation, literally everything in the hotel is in the shape of a duck, they even have ducks in the center pond! It started as a prank but eventually, became a part of the hotels welcoming party everyday as they host the red carpet "Duck Walk" in the morning and the evening.

    Credit: TSM
  • 2

    Shoot Toothpicks Into The Ceiling at Huey's

    It's such an odd fad but it's SO much fun to try! And they don't care how much of a mess you make! (The trick is to stick the toothpick at the very bottom of the straw) This took us a while but we got it eventually! The food is also AMAZING; definitely would recommend their world famous Memphis Burger. Make sure you bring a sharpie too to sign their graffiti wall and leave your mark!

    Credit: TSM
  • 3

    Rub Danny Thomas' Nose at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

    When you do, you'll fall in love. Request a tour so you can see all of the amazing things that they're doing there for people around the world. As sad as you think it would be, it's so not. The children, the parents, and the doctors have created such a family that it's all such a positive experience and quite structurally amazing. St. Jude is literally the heart and soul of Memphis. Be sure to find Danny Thomas' statue and rub his nose for good luck!

    Credit: Jen C TSM
  • 4

    Visit the National Civil Rights Museum

    We had the privilege of seeing this ON the 50th annual MLK Day! It was truly an honor to see the work that is still being done towards the Civil Rights Movement and how far MLK had gotten us before the time of his death. It was surreal to be standing in his footsteps. I'm no history buff, but I learned A LOT. Check out the video below!

  • 5

    Dance Like Elvis At Graceland

    This I'm a little sad about...we had plans to visit Graceland but it ended up being closed that weekend due to the largest snow storm Memphis has ever seen (our luck of course) But that's all anyone talk about down there! If you have the chance to see Graceland, you'll be a part of history for sharing the same space that the KING once did!

    Credit: Jen C TSM
  • 6

    Get A Diver from Silky's on Beale Street

    These things are sooo dangerous but so fun to share when you're drinking on Beale Street! Beale is like the equivalent of Burbon Street in New Orleans, where the open container law doesn't exist. They also have some pretty amazing jazz bars, but I love how Silky's has the duel pianos!

    Credit: TSM