As you're most likely aware of by now, the Middle Thorofare Bridge that put people right at the edge of the Wildwoods and into Diamond Beach is currently undergoing some much-needed maintenance.

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While it may seem like it's taking forever, the folks over at Wildwood Video Archive have recently explained that if the decision to move forward with plans for a completely new bridge, that project wouldn't have been completed for a few more years. Bottom line, we're lucky this one will be complete this spring.

Apparently, in 2003, the Cape May County bridges were assessed and a plan was made to combat the wear and tear before they all fell into disrepair. Instead of scrapping the old bridge and rebuilding a brand new one, the county decided to address the issues with the current bridge.

Why not just build a brand new one? Well, you have to consider how much effort and energy that would've taken from more than one county organization. For one, all the environmental factors would have to be considered. Also, Wildwood Video Archive states that in order to build one that's brand new, permission would have to be given from the Coast Guard before moving forward.

So, the bridge that currently stands is getting a pretty impressive makeover. You can take a look at the progress for yourself in the video below.

Again, this project should be completely finished by the Spring of 2021, so we won't have to wait much longer to sere the finished product. Just another thing to look forward to once the weather starts to get warm.

Source: Youtube

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