Sweetwater is, in my opinion, one of the most unique regions of South Jersey.

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For one, it doesn't matter what time of year it is, the area is gorgeous. Whether it's summer and you can enjoy the many lakes, rivers, swimming holes, etc., or it's winter and the snow makes it look like a winter wonderland, the lands along the Mullica never disappoint.

I always enjoy boating, kayaking, and paddle-boarding all around that area in the warmer months. I also like to camp in the pine barrens within both Wharton and Bass River state forests. With that being said, it's not surprising to hear that I always have my eye on what properties in that area are going for. Now, let's get something straight right now - the area is PRICEY. Especially so if you're looking for property right on or in close proximity to any of the waterways. So, when I saw this little cabin pop up for the price, I had to check it out. As it happens, the money's not awful for this one.

The house is located right around the corner from River Drive which is the road that houses all the homes right along the Mullica. Don't expect anything huge, especially not when you hear the price, but for how well the property is maintained, the asking price ($199k) is pretty decent. The home on Linda Way with a Hammonton mailing address is a rancher-style cabin with two bedrooms and one bathroom. While the cabin only includes 880 square footage of living space, it's the yard that's the main selling point of this place.

Take a look:

Adorable and Affordable Cabin For Sale On the Mullica River

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