You're familiar with the battleship that sits on the Camden waterfront, right?

While that's a big and beautiful wartime ship that New Jersey is proud to have stationed in our waters, it's time to celebrate a brand new vessel that's finally been completed.

The new vessel isn't a giant battleship like Battleship New Jersey, though. This bad boy is a submarine! Built in Virginia, it's officially the new USS New Jersey. The process to build the sub (not a sandwich) started a few years ago. When we say a few, we mean a FEW. The USS New Jersey was first talked about back in 1998. That's when the plan to construct a bunch of new wartime vessels, 23 to be exact, was initially hatched. So, to say we've been waiting a while to her take shape is a serious understatement.

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The public first learned about the submarine back in 2015.

It was then revealed that Newport News Shipbuilding would soon be hard at work on the 377 feet long, nuclear-powered vessel that would eventually take the New Jersey name. According to 13 News Now on Youtube, the Navy can't wait to get another ship of this specific kind into the water. It's a Virginia-class war vessel that's been under construction since 2019. Over 8,000 hands have worked on the submarine and were so excited to finally unveil their hard work to the public back in November.

Only two out of thee 23 planned submarines are built per year, two at a time. The cost to build just one of these bad boys? $3 billion.

The sub was christened back in November of 2021 and we finally got a glimpse of what she looks like in the water. Take a look:

Source: Youtube

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