This Valentine's Day, how about a little naked fun with your special someone at the Philadelphia Museum of Art?

It's a Naked Scavenger Hunt!

Quite a change from the COVID years, right?

Slow down there Buddy!

You may be disappointed to learn that it's not you that's getting naked - it's the statues that are naked!

Wait. Aren't they always naked?


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The Naked Scavenger Hunt is being run by a group called Watson Adventures, and they stress that the naked part is for the statues, and characters in paintings and such.

What happens in the Naked Scavenger Hunt is that the focus is on nudity in art, where it originated, and why it's there. "Your team will scrutinize paintings, sculptures, and period rooms as you answer tricky, humorous questions about the nudes and their, er, nudity."

The hunt promises that you'll learn about "Saints with shocking piercings, a sultry sea monster,  Exotic gods with many arms, and a Peeping Tom!"

Certainly a different Valentine's Day than dinner and flowers!

You can find out more about the Naked Scavenger Hunt here.

What happens at the Philadelphia Art Museum stays at the Philadelphia Art Museum!

Seriously - raise your hand if you're just a little disappointed right about now.

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