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The slight twinge of disappointment that immediately stings when you realize that some of the holiday traditions you've grown accustomed to experiencing year in and year out unfortunately won't come to fruition this year? If you haven't had to feel it yet, believe me, it's coming.

I've had to watch more than one holiday tradition my family and I normally celebrate fly out the window this year thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since they were activities experienced indoors, it's not too shocking that they're not happening this year, but it doesn't make that realization any less depressing. Luckily, we're hearing of more and more outdoor holiday events confirming they're still a-go in spite of the pandemic.

Add to the list the Vineland Christmas Parade. The major Thanksgiving Day parades may not happen this year, but at least there will still be some familiar local fun to be had. The Vineland Christmas Parade happens every year and is all set to start strutting down Landis Avenue this Saturday,  November 28th.

According to NJ.com, several precautions have been taken to ensure all spectators' safety and well-being amid the pandemic. For one, even though the parade is outside, masks are to be worn by all in attendance. Also, social distancing measures have been taken to ensure people aren't crammed in too close together.

The parade kicks off this Saturday at 5 p.m with a starting point of Landis Avenue. Click HERE for more details.

Source: NJ.com

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