Everybody's had a bad day before, right? Some days are worse than others. Other days, however, it's almost imperative that you hear some encouraging words or well wishes to life your spirits.

We've all gone through periods in our lives during which the days don't shine as bright as the others. Maybe you're dealing with grief because you've just lost someone close to you. Maybe you're having a hard time adjusting to your empty nest. Maybe you're estranged from family members for the good of your mental health, but are really struggling with loneliness.

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A group of children from 5-12 years of age have teamed up through the West Side School in Healdsburg, CA, to form what's now become known as 'Peptoc.' It's a public art project that involved students producing motivational flyers, pamphlets, and other hand-outs in an effort to lift the spirits of everyone who gets to see them. The best part of the project so far has been the hotline.

NJ Residents Having A Bad Day Encouraged To Call Kindergarten Hotline
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

If you call the number 707-873-7862, you'll be asked the reason for your call. You can select "option 2" if you're looking for words of encouragement. That's what I did. What you'll hear will surely warm your heart.

I'll tell you this much: you'll probably cry.

I teared up when I heard the little voices of all the kids telling me how proud they were of me and that I mattered. Everyone from children to teenagers and even grown adults will find some joy when calling the kindergarten hotline.

NJ Residents Having A Bad Day Encouraged To Call Kindergarten Hotline
Photo by Tetbirt Salim on Unsplash

According to the project's website, the hotline was receiving 60,000 calls an hour within 10 days. They would count more than 4 million calls in just 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS! How incredible is that?

It makes me wonder whether this is an idea that could work in every single state. Who wouldn't find joy in hearing their littlest neighbors wish them well and remind them of their worth?

Find out more about the PepToc hotline HERE.

Source: Westsideartprogram.wixside.com

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