The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow, Saturday, May 1st!

If you're anything like me, than the only reason you're into the Kentucky Derby is because you LIVE for the high tea outfits and big silly hats. I never know anything about the horses that compete every year, but it sure is fun to watch them run. Again, let's be real though, it's all about the fashion, right?

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In honor of the equestrian enthusiast's Super Bowl this weekend, it's only fair to highlight some facts about the Kentucky Derby that, if you were like me, you had no idea were a thing until just now.

1.) According to Yahoo News, Derby attendees will drink 120,000 Mint Juleps tomorrow. Apparently, they have ordered 1,000+ pounds of fresh mint for all the drinks.

2.) The Derby trophy is only about two feet tall. It weighs three and half pounds and is made from 14 karat gold.

3.) The Red Rose garland that's draped over the winning horse weighs over 40 pounds. How does it weigh that much? Well, it includes over 400 red roses.

4.) People bet big on the Kentucky Derby. It's anticipated that one man will wager between $3 million and $4 million dollars on the horse he thinks will take home the gold.

So, in celebration of the day, the Cat Country staff all decided that we would take our best guesses as to which horse will win it all in this year's race.

Sidebar: don't you just love the names they give these horses? They're all so funny.

Let's start with the most voted for horse. Our news gal Jill Myra, Marco on Saturday Mornings, Clay, and Jess on the Job all voted for the horse named 'Rock Your World' to take home the gold. 'Rock Your World' has odds of 5-1.

3rd shift's Brett Alan has cast his vote for the horse named 'Keep Me In Mind' to win. I'd like to say that's a nod to the Zac Brown Band.

Evan from Taste Of Country Nights thinks 'Sainthood' will win.

Joe Kelly's rooting for 'Hot Rod Charlie' in the race.

Chris Coleman's putting his money behind the horse, 'Helium'.

And as for me, Jahna Michal, I chose my horse solely based on its name. So, I'm rooting for 'Hidden Stash' to take it all this weekend.


Now, it's YOUR TURN!

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