If you are asking yourself in disbelief, "who would dump seven dead puppies on the side of the road," law enforcement officials in Cumberland County are, too.

Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae says on Wednesday morning at about 9:45, a motorist notified the Cumberland County Sherriff’s Department of dead puppies on an entrance ramp to southbound Route 55 off of Sherman Avenue in Vineland.

Cops located seven dead multi-colored puppies along the ramp. The City of Vineland Animal Control Department says they were three to four weeks old.

Investigators believe that the person(s) responsible would have traveled east towards Vineland on Sherman Avenue and entered the Route 55 southbound entrance where the puppies were located.

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Webb-McRae said in a press release, "Someone in the community is aware that an individual had a litter of puppies that suddenly disappeared. We are asking the public to give us information that will lead to identification of the person responsible for discarding these puppies in this irresponsible manner."

If you have any information, you are asked to contact Ofc. E. Visconti of the Cumberland County Sherriff’s Office at (856) 451-4449 or Ofc. J. Ramos of the Vineland Police Department at (856) 691-

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