While it's all speculation at the moment, it looks and sounds like a scary scene played out at the T-Mobile store in Somers Point today.

All that's known at the moment is that a car had to be extracted from the front of the store. From the looks of the video, it looks like a small sedan crashed into the store. That's all that can be inferred from a video that was shared to a Somers Point-based Facebook group this afternoon.

No doubt, whatever happened was scary for all involved.

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The comments that the video has received so far suggests that those close by to where the incident took place knew that something major had to have happened around the Ocean Heights Plaza this afternoon. Apparently, there were so many sirens blazing at the time of the incident that people were bracing themselves for bad news.

The Facebook comments under the video also suggest that this wouldn't be the first time a car had caused damage to the T-Mobile storefront on Bethel Road. If you're familiar with that area, then you know there have been many accidents there and on the surrounding streets.

There hasn't been much information released yet about the crash. So, there's nothing to report so far about any injuries or probable cause. Hopefully though, nobody got hurt. That seems to be the sentiment of all who've watched the video of the car being pulled from the storefront so far.

If you have yet to watch, check it out for yourself below:

Source: Facebook

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