Joe just got back from vacation--and he says he definitely doesn't clap when the pilot safely lands the plan...Have I been doing something weird all my life?!

Credit: TSM via Canva
Credit: TSM via Canva

Ever since the disney world days, I've been clapping along side my father once the plane lands.

However, I went on spring break with a bunch of friends a couple of years ago. And on a plane filled with millennials, I initiated the plane clap...

Needless to say, I got many looks and a lot of 'WTF's' from my friends.

So whether you're a plane clapper or not, here are some PRO's and CON's of clapping on a plane:


  • you show gratitude to your pilot for landing the plane safely
  • It's like a sport--you clap when someone does something good.


  • you get a lot of stares and eye rolls
  • you acknowledge that you probably didn't sleep the entire plane ride because you were actually paying attention to how the pilot flew.
    **hence the delusion of initiating the clap in the first place**

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