I may have taken things too far for this one... With the Super Bowl around the corner and being that I work with some very passionate Eagles fans I thought I needed to rile them up a bit. So I did. I took on the mentality, go big or go home.

Now, when it comes to teams I am a born and raised 49ers fan. However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve become a Patriots fan as well. Part of the reason is they win a lot, yes go ahead say I jumped on the bandwagon. Another reason is, well, Tom Brady is hot. I also am impressed with just how good he, Bill Belichick, and the whole organization are. Plus, it really annoys people when they win and I find that hysterical.

So, what happens when a Patriots fan overtakes an office run by Eagles fans? Well, it ain’t pretty I can tell you that.

See what happens here:

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