If you've got an early teen or preteen daughter at home, chances are you've seen her recently walking around with scrunchies, wearing oversized t-shirts with Birkenstocks, and had to recently order her a puka shell necklace off of Amazon.

If you answered "yes", "yes", and "yes" to the above, then congratulations! Mom, Dad... you've got yourself a VSCO Girl on your hands.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, a "VSCO Girl" is basically a young gal that's got a style that combines everything great about the 90s with a surfing boho beach vibe. For example, scrunchies are back along with crop and tube tops, low-key makeup, and beach waves. To top it off, to be a VSCO Girl, you need braided bracelets, white Vans, and a Hydro Flask.

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With the amount of mosquito bites we have, this was so worth it

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Young social media influencers coined the term "VSCO Girl" after the photo editing app with the same name famous for laid-back styled content. Think earthy meets artsy. These girls that have adopted that style have an obsession for "saving the turtles" so naturally, they've boycotted the use of plastic straws. That's one of the actions mocked by most internet comedians that choose to take a shot at this new fad. Also, the girls famous for this "new trend" (it's not new... it's basically late 90s early 2000s style reincarnated) are obsessed with making this weird "skskskt" sound.

Gloucester County resident and Little Miss Belle of the Ball 2019, Gianna Massa explained the entire VSCO Girl lifestyle in a video her mom posted to Facebook:

How long will this fad last? Probably until they discover 90s grunge and then dub that some new random social mediafied name.

Need a step-by-step tutorial on everything #VSCO in the meantime? Youtuber LaurDIY has you covered:

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