Oh, boy. Here we go.

You try to do something nice for someone and they take advantage.

Last evening, I had a wonderful time at a ticket giveaway stop in Cape May County. The people were nice, our hosts were great. Even the weather cooperated.

Except one bad apple has spoiled it.

Last night we gave away hundreds of Rascal Flatts tickets for their Atlantic City Beach Concert next week. There were a lot of thankful people, and it was great seeing so many happy faces.

I wasn't supposed to do this, but I actually was able to give away extra tickets to some people - because, when I can, I like to be nice.

Except somebody spoiled it.

Just a matter of hours - or even minutes - after they won tickets - and extra tickets, too - someone decided it was time to cash in by trying to sell their tickets online.


I could technically say the tickets were "won" fair and square....but we were able to make sure everyone "won" even when they lost.

I can't stop people from winning prizes and selling them to make some extra cash, but I can do something: give away more free tickets.

Instead of buying tickets, come get some for free from me Friday afternoon. From 3 til 7pm, I'll be at TAG - The Country Bar, located at the Playground Pier, across the Atlantic City Boardwalk from Caesar's. This time, I won't have hundreds of tickets to see Rascal Flatts - I'll have THOUSANDS! No need to buy them from some local "ticket scalper", come and get them for free!

By the way, never buy tickets with the word "Comp" stamped under price. The tickets are meant to be given away - and were not sold.

Finally, thanks to everyone who listens and wins tickets and other prizes on our radio station. I know that 99.99999999% of people are truly grateful and are able to enjoy some special. It's just the one bad apple.....

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