"Squid Games" is one of the fastest-growing, hottest series on Netflix.

It revolves around the playing of games - old children's games - by adults.

I won't reveal any more of the plot than that, but if you know, you know.

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If Squid Games took place in Atlantic City, here are some places I think would make a great backdrop, and some possible games to play:

First of all - it's not in Atlantic City, but it would mean taking all the vans for a game of Red Light, Green Light in front of  Mr. Bill, on Route 73! Doesn't he seem like he would fit it with the creepiness of the Red Light, Green Light girl?

Google Maps

Since it's Atlantic City, a life-size game of Monopoly for Squid Games might be appropriate!

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Or, how about an authentic Atlantic City game of chance? Win, or else!


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Obviously, Lucy the Elephant would have to be added to the mix! (Can we get guns shooting out of her tusks?)

Perhaps a game of Tug of War over the shark tank at the Aquarium?

A trip to play marbles in Wildwood would be a given, especially since Wildwood still holds the National Marbles Tournament!

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Wait! I just thought of something:  Squid Games revolves around people with money problems playing games of chance... Um, doesn't that already happen in Atlantic City?


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One of my colleagues up the coast of New Jersey has done a similar story: If Squid Games Took Place at the Jersey Shore, would you survive? You can check out Nicole Murray's story here.

Squid Games Atlantic City 2022!

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