UPDATE: Margate beaches are closed due to elevated levels of bacteria found in the flooding between the dune project. A meeting will take place today to consider an injunction against the project.

Credit: Colby gottlieb via Snapchat
Credit: Colby gottlieb via Snapchat

In case you missed the memo: Over the weekend, beachgoers had to trudge through knee-deep water and jump over washed-out walkways to get to the ocean side of the new dunes that are being put in place.

People are calling this unwanted beach project "Margate-gate" among many other things, and they're calling the flooding "Lake Margate" or my new personal favorite "Lake Christie"   

The city erected "no-swimming" signs to warn people about the dangers of swimming in the water, which is not protected by lifeguards.

Officials in Margate are considering legal action to halt dune work that has led to drainage and flooding issues along the beach worse.

On the plus side: The Army Corp of Engineers went in yesterday to pump out most of the flooding--but there's obviously still much more to be done.

Source: nj.com

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