After a year of testing out body cams, Wildwood Police will begin wearing the cameras, Monday May 22nd.

Wildwood is not the first South Jersey town to bring in body cams. North Wildwood, Avalon, and Atlantic City are some of the towns that have been using the cameras.

Chief Robert Regalbuto said in a statement, "The addition of the Body Worn Cameras will not only increase our ability to be more transparent but will provide us an opportunity to view the good work that our police officers do every day."

Facebook/Wildwood Police Department
Facebook/Wildwood Police Department

Pictured above two cameras the department tested. To the left a tie clip camera, which was tested out. To the right the camera that will be in use started May 22nd.

The cameras will be worn on the front of officers' shirts and will have the capability to record both audio and video. The body cams that will be in use are the WatchGuard Vista Wearable Body Camera which abide by guidelines set by the New Jersey State Attorney General and the Cape May Prosecutors Office.

According to a post on the police department's website, patrolman Andrew Kolimaga said, "The use of body cameras not only protect police, but protect citizens. It helps with complaints. I feel safer wearing one. As long as you’re doing the right thing, the camera will back that up."

This year, Wildwood Police Department also saw the addition of a K-9 unit.


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