Dave Hurban, of Williamstown, NJ works at Dynasty Tattoo in Gloucester County.  Hurban has inserted 4 small magnets into his wrist so that he can wear an Ipod Nano as a watch. This video is disturbing, if you have a weak stomach like me.  That is your warning.

However, the end product does look pretty damn cool.

Hurban told Philly.com,

"I show people and they are literally amazed,” he said. “There are people acting like I just turned water into wine.”

Also according to Philly.com, the Association of Professional Piercers has said that the tool Hurban used to insert the magnets, called a dermal punch, is illegal in New Jersey.  Hurban recounted with,

"Any backlash is “high school” jealousy."

Hurban is not a member of the APP.