A UFO encounter reportedly took place on Long Beach Island on Thursday, August 27th.

The witness, who has not been identified, says the encounter happened just after midnight and lasted for 30 -40 minutes.

The sighting report is listed on the National UFO Reporting Center's website.

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Here's the words of the witness:

Hi, I am not one to report unless I am sure.

But what we saw at Long Beach island at 2 am was not something we doubt as something not in our comprehension.

My friend and I decided to take a walk on the beach at around 1:30 am after a long night of talking catching up.after about 20 minutes we noticed three bright lights on the sand, we thought they were police checking the area for trespassers. So we didn’t think much of it. We then noticed two of the light sources started to create a line between each other... it looked like a beam interchanged between two sources. Fast forward, these lights disappeared we figure it was some kind of weird glitch in some security light... we then notice a light that looked into the ocean. It was white... shining very bright. We noticed a smaller green light flying over it... moving very fast all over the place. I mean like very disoriented.. nothing we have every seen before. I was a believer and the first thing I thought was aliens and I thought my friend would think I was absolutely crazy by my idea but when we both saw we looked at each other. The look on my friends face was shocking he was! absolutely startled... I was too. We both saw the same thing. These light forces moving ramp idly with no distinguished pattern or direction.. around the light source. At one point it seemed to dive into the ocean and back out. It would shine bright.. move and then disappear and appear again. It would make sudden movements and we would both look at each other. It would then stop and align with the bigger “light source” and then move about again. We watched it for about 40 minutes. I shined my light at it (blinked twice) and it disappeared... then shined back twice. And disappeared and we got to scared and walked away. We both realized this was an experience we will remember forever. We thought hard about what we might have seen but there just doesn’t seem to be any explanation to a light moving that rapidly and that unorganized like it did. We both knew what we saw but it seems unreal right now. I’m writing this because My friend and I truly believe we saw something out of th e ordinary tonight.





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