Yes, I said it. You, yes you, are a bad driver.

Okay, so maybe there are a select few of you that this does not apply to you. We can't all be perfect.

I drive a lot and I made a realization the other day that is sort of amusing.

We get mad at people and their driving skills or lack of driving skills. We yell in our cars when someone, in our mind, is going too slow. We curse out the person that cut us off. We get mad if someone gets too close to use from behind. We hate it when someone doesn't turn when we want them to. The list is quite long.

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What did I realize about all of this? Chances are we have some the same things to other people. I know I have and being in cars with other people I've realized most people do it too.

I have been at an intersection waiting to turn and didn't turn when the guy behind me wanted me to so they beeped their horn at me. I say guy, but it very well could've been a woman. I didn't turn because the person coming to the intersection from oncoming traffic was a little too close for comfort and call me crazy, but I didn't want to get hit.

However, have I been mad at someone who's done the same thing as I have? Of course. The only difference is, I very rarely beep my horn. I just don't.

I've been on the parkway and someone in the left lane, who's going well over the speed limit, annoyed me for not moving over. Clearly, they weren't going fast enough. I've been on the other end of this situation and gotten mad at the person who's riding my butt or whips around me.

Most people have bad driving habits. We are not perfect drivers. I know people have passed me on the road thinking I did something wrong because I am a woman.

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In the same day I've seen a man in a sports car do something stupid and my first thought was that's because it's a man in a sports car. This extends to all stereotypes that concern driving.

Let's just leave it at we are all bad drivers. Except you perfect people.

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