Get ready for a brand new way to explore one of the best areas South Jersey has to offer.

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Starting on December 5th, you'll have the chance to set off on your own railbiking adventure at South Jersey's very first railbike location in Cape May. The company responsible for this new cool excursion is called Revolution Rail Company. They currently have one other super successful location in Northeastern New York.

If you're scratching your head wondering what in the heck does "railbiking" mean, well, it's something you've probably seen in movies. It's a bike system in which the rider (or biker) is seated and must pedal to make the cart move along the track. It's almost like paddle boating, but on a rail track.

Cape May's new railbike track will take riders through the Garrett Family Preserve where they'll have the chance to explore four miles of Cape May's beautiful landscape. According to their website, the trails Revolution Rail Co has in NY take between two to two-and-a-half hours to complete round trip. So, since this railway is only four miles, it shouldn't be too difficult of a ride for all.

What's cool about railbiking is that you can even bring your toddlers. No, you can't bring your pet, but to find an activity like this that allows for your young children to accompany you is a pretty rare. You can check out Revolution Rail Co.'s Facebook announcement HERE.


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