Starting Monday on the Cat Country Morning Show, you have the chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree from Sage Jewelers in Northfield.

We'll be playing a game called, "The 12 Days of Santa's Gender Reveal." It's the same game that we've previously called "Phone Sex" (Our lawyers apparently don't like that name).

Here's how it works --

On the 12th day of Santa's Gender Reveal - Monday, November 30th at about 8:15am, we'll find our contestant, who'll have to guess the genders of each of the next 12 callers. (Almost impossible, right?) If our contestant is successful, the game ends and he or she wins the $1,000 Sage Jewelers shopping spree.

If the contestants gets one wrong, the caller who is responsible for their demise will automatically be the next day's contestant. Then Tuesday morning, he or she will have to guess the genders of the next 11 callers.

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We'll follow the same pattern each weekday until we find a winner. If we get down to the first day, and the contestant is wrong, we'll will just continue the game then and there until someone wins.

So, basically, listen to Cat Country 107.3 and be ready to call in each weekday morning at about 8:15am to get in the game and win.

Good luck!

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